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**PLEASE NOTE: Random Act of Kindness (ROAK) polishes should each be purchased individually, separate from any personal orders and separate from any other ROAK polishes for other recipients.**

Once a ROAK polish is in your cart, please check out and enter the name and address of the recipient instead of your own. This ensures that the shipping label is attached to the order for ease of lookup if necessary. This process should be completed for each recipient separately if you are sending out more than one - so if you are sending out three ROAKs to three recipients, you would check out three times.

If this process is not followed, it can cause delays in shipping. We want to make sure your lucky recipient receives their shipment of joy as soon as possible!

❌🛑Please enter the person this polish is being sent to in the SHIPPING address.

With all the hectic chaos in the world. Who doesn't need a little pick me up?

If you know someone who would enjoy a bottle of Don DEEVA love. Then here’s your chance.

All polish being sent for this is anything past released. This is not for any NEW and polish in the shop. You may find your unicorn. DEEVA always sends gorgeous polishes. If your familiar with the brand...you know you can’t beat this deal.

by The Don Deeva