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★No flaws is a latex peel - Used for nail and stamping nail art.
PLEASE NOTE: This product is made with latex. If you are allergic please do NOT use this product.

★Cuticle Enforcer - Want to get rid of all that ugly dead skin? Dry cuticles? This is for you. In this ENFORCER WE added are some good oils to make ONE the best cuticle remover on the market even better.  Yes it is possible. This will have your cuticles looking and feeling lovely.  Get rid of those ugly dry and cracked hang nails and cuticles.  Simply put on your cuticles, let set a few minutes and then with a wet orange stick go around those cuticles.  The dead skin and cuticles around your nails will come right off.
*Leaves cuticles soft and pliant
*Removes dead tissue
*Lanolin enriched
**The Blue Cross formula contains lanolin for gentle cuticle removal during the pedicure and manicure. The formula helps to prevent drying of the nails, as cuticles are improved. It’s the effective cuticle remover that is free of strong odors and stinging.

★Fahgedaboutit - Acetone Additive - Dry, white, nails after using acetone?
Fahgedaboutit!! Never again! Just add a cocktail in an 8-10 bottle on any acetone and this additive will transform your acetone remover into a lush feeling remover.
It is full of oils to leave nails and cuticles looking nourished and beautiful. Use for clean up and you won't even need to apply a cuticle oil around the nail before pics!
This cocktail packs a punch! It will put back in what your old acetone took away from your nail while removing polish. Gentle and lovely. *Fahgedaboutit the rest, you just found the best!