April Baller Box

April Baller Box

1-Chardi B
1-Peppermint Petty
1- Lie-Nuts
1-Crybaby Boobie
1- Lucy Van Pee’lt
1-Tapioca Puddin
1-Badcall Benny
1- Pee’g Pen -

pee’g pen
^^^comes free with purchase iver 75.00 all weekend 9th-11th April.

Base coats or Vault Release.

What is this you say? Tired of clicking each item you want on a release when you want EVERYTHING? There is now a ‘Deeva Baller Box’ listing that you can click on to purchase everything from the specific release (excluding Deeva Mixers and One & Done's). That means it could be polish + stickers + pens + whatever is being released! You click once and “boom” it’s all in your cart!🛒🛍🛒🛍🛒🛍

The Don Deeva is cruelty free and handmade in the USA in a smoke-free. Each polish bottle contains 1 XL Zilla stainless steel ball and is 11 ml.

All pigments and ingredients are tested for a minimum of 2-3 months prior to being released.

We recommend applying your favorite base coat, 1-3 coats of The Don Deeva Polish, and finishing with your favorite top coat for best results.

At The Don Deeva, we focus on creating beautiful and unique nail polish.
Some pol. mmend always using your favorite basecoat before applying nail polish.

The Don Deeva is an independent brand that makes polish in small batches, and new releases come out every month!
Due to the handmade nature of the product and differences in screen monitors/lighting, variations may occur.

Some of our polishes are also very complex – and sometimes, the best way to show you is by using a macro shot to capture all the different elements within the polish.

Helpful Tips:

★ When applying matte polish, use a good basecoat for extended wear.

★ If your polish becomes separated, turn the bottle upside down and gently roll between your hands until desired consistency is achieved.

★ If your polish becomes dry or thick over time, you can try adding 2-5 drops of nail polish thinner and shaking to try restoring the polish. Nail polish thinner can be found at most beauty supply stores.

★ Always use a good base and top coat. They will make a difference in the wear of your manicure.

by The Don Deeva