Turnaround time is 7-21 business days (these do not include holidays and weekends). It does not include shipping transit time. Turnaround time may change due to unforeseen circumstances. These updates are generally announced in our Facebook Fan Group  – the link is at the bottom of this page under Social Media. We recommend joining the group to stay up-to-date on shipping times. If you have a unique situation that may require a change in processing, please email deevateam@gmail.com PRIOR to placing your order to make sure your request can be accommodated.


Shipping labels are printed in batches before the orders are packed. You may receive a shipping notification email and not see any movement on the shipping for a few days. This is normal as we need time to pour and pack your order before shipping. Orders are processed in the order they are received, barring issues (such as labels that need to be fixed due to an error in data entry).


We have access to the same information you do via USPS tracking. We are not able to see anything additional – if the package is in transit, there is nothing we can do to update it or change it. We have the ability to ship to any address in the world, and all our products ship from Margate, Florida. Please note that some countries have product restrictions, and as such, those products cannot be shipped to those areas. Please check your local shipping restrictions prior to placing an order.

PLEASE NOTE: With the current global COVID-19 pandemic and staffing shortages worldwide, shipping transits are sometimes taking much longer than usual – especially internationally. Some orders have taken up to 60 days to be delivered after leaving our facility. If this will be an issue, please do not place an order as this is something that is out of our hands and refunds will not be provided once an order is in transit.


All customer service inquiries should be sent to deevateam@gmail.com. Please do not post on social media asking customer service questions - they may get missed unintentionally. Please do not message social media admins with customer service questions. We aim to answer all emails within 2 business days, not including holidays and weekends.


This is automatically charged by Big Cartel based on the address entered during checkout. We cannot change this. If you feel this was an error (e.g. sales tax was charged for an order being shipped to a state that does not charge sales tax) please email support@bigcartel.com for assistance as we are unable to change sales tax charges.


By purchasing from our shop, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age or have a parent or guardian's permission to order.


Certain special releases will be a pre-order, and that will be stated in the listing. The shipping window will also be in the listing, so please read the listing thoroughly. Any items purchased with a pre-order listing will not be shipped until the pre-order shipping window. If you need the additional items sooner, please make two separate orders.


In order to use a discount code, the code MUST be entered at the time of checkout. We will not refund shipping or discounts that weren't entered at the time of purchase. If you are having issues with a discount code, please email deevateam@gmail.com PRIOR to placing your order. If you place the order and email afterward, a refund will not be given. Discount codes are sometimes intended only for a specific group (e.g. our Facebook group or Instagram followers), and if you do not meet the requirements for that code to be used, your order will be refunded minus the 3.9% PayPal refund fee and canceled. By entering a discount code, you agree that you are using the code for its intended purpose and during its intended timeframe. If a code is used that abuses the purpose of the code, the order will be refunded minus the 3.9% PayPal refund fee and canceled. Prize codes provided by admins on Facebook or Instagram have expiration dates that should be provided at the time the code is sent. If the code expires before being used, it will not be renewed. If you have issues using your code, please contact the admin who sent you the code before placing your order.


We are currently not accepting new swatchers for our roster. If we have open opportunities for new swatchers, we will announce it on social media. Please follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts to stay up-to-date on upcoming opportunities!


Packages will not be refunded or reshipped once the tracking information indicates the package was delivered (marked delivered, accepted, etc.). If you are an international customer who has their order shipped through a forwarding service and the order is marked as being delivered to the forwarding service, The Don Deeva is not responsible for the package after that point. If you suspect your order has been lost in Customs, please contact us within 60 days of placing your order. Please try your polishes upon receiving them, especially solars and thermals. If you do not contact us within 30 days of receiving the polish, we will assume there are no issues and after this window no refunds/replacement will be offered. If there is an issue with the polish, a prepaid shipping label will be provided for you to return the defective polish for testing – we want to make sure if there is an issue with an element that the remainder is pulled and our vendors are notified of the defective product. If you do not ship the polish return within two weeks, the label will be canceled and no refund/replacement will be offered.

Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. Any refund provided is at the discretion of The Don Deeva. Refunds given that are not due to maker error will be subject to a 15% restocking fee (if the order was already shipped) or a 3.9% PayPal refund fee (if the order was not yet shipped). If they are due to an error on our part, no fee will be charged. Please make sure you are satisfied with your order prior to checking out.


Due to the volume of orders, we cannot automatically combine shipping for multiple orders. However, if you send us an email at deevateam@gmail.com prior to the shipping label being printed, we can combine them for you into one shipment for convenience. This does not mean you will be refunded for shipping charges.


If your package is returned to us due to incorrect information provided during checkout, we will not refund shipping costs. The order can be re-shipped at the buyer's expense or the order can be refunded minus the shipping costs and 15% restocking fee and canceled.


As we are a small business, sometimes mistakes do happen! If you receive the incorrect item(s) in your shipment, please email a photo of what you received to deevateam@gmail.com. At The Don Deeva’s discretion, a prepaid shipping label may be sent to you to send back the incorrect item(s). The correct item(s) will be shipped once the return is verified as having been shipped. If the return is not shipped within two weeks, we will assume you want to keep the item(s) and the label will be canceled and you will be charged for the item(s) via PayPal invoice. If you do not pay for the invoiced items, you will no longer be welcome to purchase from The Don Deeva. If a return is not required, the correct item(s) will be sent out to you right away at no additional cost, or a refund/replacement will be offered if there is no stock to send what was ordered. No fees are charged for refunds due to our error.


Do not store thermals/solars in extreme conditions (e.g. in a bathroom, by windows, in direct sunlight, or in a refrigerator). High or low temperatures can damage the pigment properties. Solar transitions can be affected by the UV index in your area. Solar swatch photos are generally achieved using a UV flashlight, and thermals are generally achieved using ice water/heaters. Your transition may vary due to UV index/personal body temperature. We will not be responsible for thermals/solars that stop transitioning.


In the event that the USPS states that your package has been delivered to you but you did not receive it, you must contact your local post office within 24 hours of said delivery. Please understand that we cannot refund you for a package that shows it was delivered to you according to tracking. It is your responsibility to follow up to locate your package. If necessary, you will need to file a lost package claim with USPS. Call: 1-800-275-8777 or follow the instructions at https://www.usps.com/help/missing-mail.htm

International Buyers: International packages will not be replaced or refunded if they are lost, stolen, or destroyed after leaving US soil or after they’ve been delivered to a forwarding service. The Don Deeva is not responsible for any customs fees, taxes, duties, or tariffs that may occur with international orders. If you are an international customer who has their order shipped through a forwarding service and the order is marked as being delivered to the forwarding service, The Don Deeva is not responsible for the package after that point. If you suspect your order has been lost in Customs, please contact us within 60 days of placing your order.


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