How A Deeva Was Born.

How A Deeva Was Born.

Tell us about your brand.

My Brand is a little bit unique in a world or ordinary.

I specialize in unique and creative nail polish and fabulous hand care products, I strive to do what everyone else isn’t.  All of my polishes are hand blended from scratch in small batches and then hand poured, packed and shipped.  I use superior quality ingredients in all of my products and do extensive product and wear tests on everything I sell.  I take great pride and care in each and every order with superior attention to detail, packaging and complete customer satisfaction.  I love to let my creativity flow and provide a product that has special meaning to my customers through my core line, limited editions, collaborations, custom orders and exclusive offerings.

One of the hardest things when opening your own shop is choosing the perfect name, I was stumped with what to choose. I stuck to my roots and made my name all about me! My nearest and dearest call me Dee so Dee-va fit, as for the Don …. Well I am a very proud Italian and thus The Don Deeva Brand was born.


How did you get into making nail polish?

In 2013 my life turned upside-down, I went from Cloud 9 straight into stormy weather going through a very upsetting break-up with my now ex fiancé. What’s a girl to do? Cry …. Or make nail polish??? I say make nail polish! Ok yes I cried too lol but I spent the next 8 months immersing myself in research and studying the art of making gorgeous polish. Polish became my new relationship … my rebound lol. Being an Art major in college you can imagine I have been doing artistic things throughout my entire life but I finally found my calling. The world of Indie Polish was fascinating and quickly became my passion and The Don Deeva was born.

What has been the highlight for you so far?

I cannot lie, it’s been a wild and crazy ride owning and operating my own business. On top of all of the administrative aspects, which lets be real, no artist thrives on that side of the business lol, there is the vulnerability of putting yourself and your creations out there for everyone to see. Looking back and seeing how much I’ve grown both in myself and my brand is exhilarating, to know that I have done this all on my own and I am doing well and still growing is incredible. In my travels throughout the Indie world I have also had the opportunity to meet lots of new and wonderful people and it warms my heart to call so many of them my friends. I could not ask to be a part of a better community of people.


What can we expect from Don Deeva in 2017?

Hmmmm ….. Lots and lots of good things are coming! Polish, polish and more polish!!! Keep your eyes peeled for more collaborations … more fun collections … more limited edition polish.

Lots of new and interesting things but…. I can’t say too much cuz if I tell you then I’d have to kill ya ;x



Danette Marie