Behind The Polish

The Deeva...

The Don Deeva's owner, Danette, is a wonderfully individual and colorful woman. She is influenced by her Italian heritage and her upbringing in Philadelphia and New Jersey. She has been transplanted to Florida, where all of her nail polishes and nail care items have been hand-made with care since she founded the brand in 2014!

Danette studied art in Philly, and her artistic touch shows in everything from her polishes to her original graphics to her business cards. She sees things in ways that others don't, and knows just when a polish needs an extra something to hit peak perfection.

Why is the brand called The Don Deeva? It's a nod to Danette's Italian heritage – but we can't tell you anything more, or... Well, you know the rest. Just kidding, of course! The Facebook fan group is called Deeva La Familia because La Familia means “family” in Italian, and in that group we are a family!

From the beginning, Danette has been a creative soul. She was always bringing to life the fun and bright things she needed. Creating things has long been her preferred form of release, and she's been a trendsetter for as long as she can remember.

For every bit of creativity she possesses, she also brings a cheeky sense of humor to her brand and her products. With names like, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bxtch”, “Glitter Tits”, and “Little Miss Slutface” this brand isn't for those who are easily offended! But for every ounce of quirky humor, there is a pound of glorious polish with an incredible formula, long wear, and colors you won't find anywhere else.

Danette is adept with working with Unicorn Pigment, also known as Unicorn Pee (UP). You'll always find at least one UP polish in every month's release, and you'll never be disappointed by the sparkling selection! She is also an avid American Horror Story fan, and will often release limited edition themed polishes every season!

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