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Death By Cello


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Death by Cello is a cuticle liqueur. A delicious blend that your cuticles will not get enough of.
This is a blend of oils- including olive oils imported straight from Italy. This nourishing oil smooths rough cuticles leaving them soft and supple and lightly perfumed with the scent of lemon.

Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Tea tree oils, olive oil, infused with jasmine and lemon essential oils. And a few other magical ingredients. :)

How do I use Death By Cello?
Apply a few drops to both your nail and cuticle to help soften and hydrate. Massage it into your skin for about a minute to help stimulate the blood supply.

★Never Ever★
Do not cut your cuticles. Much as it looks appealing, please don’t ever cut your cuticles! Cuticles are there for a reason – firstly, they lay on top of your nails’ growth matrix and secondly, cutting them makes it very easy for bacteria to slide in and cause infection.

★We have a Cuticle Remover if needed to help clean up cuticles.*